pathway to freedom

The Wren House is a perfect place for awakening and healing.

The Wren House is a perfect place for awakening and healing.

Ever ask yourself – why do I react the way I do to conflict, moments of stress and opportunities for connection?  The answer, in part, is because your history lives in your body. 

The way you have responded to challenges over time becomes the shape you live in and that shape defines the feelings and behaviors that are and aren’t available to you.  This process is natural and has an innate wisdom to it.  Over time, however, these habitual responses create armoring in the tissues, a process that limits our full expression of health, vitality and freedom of choice.  This process comes to define how you stand, move, talk, think and breathe -- and this shape defines your capacity for love and joy, your limits of freedom and courage. It becomes the structure that defines how effectively you move in the world, as a leader, friend, partner, or family member. 

Somatic Bodywork is a non-invasive whole-body approach that helps you listen to and honor the past, release its death grip upon you, and ultimately frees you up so that you can be the person you want to be and create the future you envision for tomorrow.