adventures to the heart of your soul

Periodically we take a small group of curious and committed clients on expeditions to remote corners of the world.  We have taken journeys to the base of Nanda Devi in the Indian Himalaya for an audience with an Indian holy man; flown deep into the Amazonian rainforest of Ecuador to be cleansed through shamanic rituals; sailed the Salish Sea on a 100 year old wooden schooner; and have trekked to the wildest corners of Patagonia.  These journeys are designed as once in a lifetime adventures that offer a pathway to permanently shift your perspective and priorities and awaken your power, purpose and presence.

When the next cohort is ready, we will take a Soul Whispering Journey to Tanzania to connect with the Hadzabe (traditional hunter gatherers) and to experience the oneness of life with the wildlife.  If you have interest please let us know as we it will be the emergence of the next group that will initiate the next expedition.

[Blog post, written by Virginia, during our visit to Tanzania in 2012]

So early and dark it may still be yesterday, I am snuggled in my bed listening to at least 2 lions roaring in the distance.

Announcing their place, calling in their pride.

And hours later, still pre-dawn, we are bundled up in the welcome chill, driving slowly along the dirt road a kilometer from the Ndutu lodge, Douglas intent upon finding us a good spot from which to see the sun emerge on the pink-orange horizon.

And then there he is in all his lion-ness.

Sitting on his haunches on the road, looking around, flicking his ears.

Here I am, he says.  Not questioning, not searching, not wondering about his purpose or his place in the order of things.

And then he starts roaring.

A lion a few yards out roaring in your direction is like nothing else – really LOUD, vibration rumbling through my chest, sending hair on my legs tingling, I can feel his roar in my teeth.

And now just as the sun peeks over the eastern horizon, he begins to walk slowly by us, grunting.  Embodying Lion in his domain, at ease. Even the Thompson’s gazelle senses calm, as he trots up for a closer look at this King, tail flicking and ears pricked.


Later I write, what would it be like to be that comfortable in my own skin, to be that out-loud about who I am, where I am, claiming my place in things.  And then about this gazelle, walking toward Power, with curiosity.  What about that?

All One.